Side Story is in a strategic position just a few minutes from the port that leads to the square, is close to all of the side’s major attractions and are easily accessible.


Side is located within the borders of Manavgat district of Antalya. Side, which is snuggling towards the Mediterranean on a peninsula bearing its name, is located in the east of Antalya and in the south of Manavgat district.




Side means ‘pomegranate’ in Anatolian language. It is seen that the oldest settlements in Side, which dates back to the Hittites, are in the 7th century BC. Side, which came under the rule of the Lydians in the 6th century BC and the Persians in 547 BC, was under the rule of Alexander of Macedon in 334 BC. Subsequent to the Seljuk and Ottoman rule, Side became a center where the traces of different cultures were seen.

Antalya 65” – Alanya 60” – Antalya Airport 50” .

Side welcomes many travelers throughout the year. April-November is the period preferred by those who love sea holidays. Since the air temperature changes between 10-20 degrees in other months, visitors come to Side to explore the ancient city and participate in social activities.

When you visit Side Ancient City, which is located on the coastal part of Side, you will have made a great journey into Side’s past. Side Antique City, as in other ancient cities of Pamphylia, starts from the main gate and stretches along a street with columns on both sides. The ancient city consists of historical buildings such as the city gate, ramparts, colonnaded streets, ancient theater, agora bath, velpasian fountain, apollon temple, large bathhouse, and athena temple.

Side Museum is home to wonderful artifacts from the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods. Identified with Hera, Aphrodite and Athena, The Three Beauties Sculpture belonging to the 2nd century must be seen.